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Single and three-phase generators. Similarities and differences

Single and three-phase generators. Similarities and differences

Gensets, or power generators, are electrical power equipment that provide a self-contained source of electricity. They can have hot start (combustion thermal or steam) or cold start (electric or pneumatic). As autonomous power generation units, they can serve as either a primary source of power or an auxiliary or alternate source of power.

Generators work well wherever there is a need for a temporary supply of electricity and it is not possible to obtain it from the grid, Customers are often faced with the choice of a single-phase or three-phase unit. Which one to choose? These devices, in addition to the difference in rental or purchase price, also differ in their purpose. What you need to know before making a decision?

Single-phase aggregate - characteristics

A single-phase generator equipped with an AVR is mainly used to power household appliances, consumer electronics, computers or lighting, because usually such devices use single-phase electricity.

In the case of a small house, when you have access to a voltage of 230 volts, a single-phase genset is completely sufficient - of course, only one with sufficiently high power. It does not matter in this context whether one chooses a portable or stationary genset. The mobile version, on the other hand, will in many cases simply be more convenient to use, as it can be moved to the attic or basement, for example, if necessary. It is easy to make an electrical connection in this case, because one wire plugs into the switchboard, adding the right fuse to it.

Why choose three-phase aggregate?

A three-phase genset, which can be used to power both single-phase and three-phase loads, offers more possibilities. It is therefore more versatile than its cheaper counterpart.

If you are not sure whether you will use single-phase or three-phase tools, a safer option is to choose a three-phase unit. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the maximum amount of energy consumed from the single-phase outlets of a three-phase device is calculated at 70% of its power listed in the data sheet. The mentioned machine gives two voltages: phase 230 V and interphase 400 V.

Theoretically, it is possible to supply emergency power to a three-phase installation from a single-phase generator, but such a solution is not recommended. It is much better to simply have a good quality powerful genset that will allow you to power the entire house without any problems .In households, it is common to have only three-phase loads - this includes heat pumps, but also induction hob or oven. In such a case, a three-phase generator turns out to be indispensable.

Such devices are also used to power construction and cutting machines, heaters, welding machines, etc.

Where to get an aggregate?

Buying a genset is not always cost-effective, especially if you temporarily need to supply energy to the entire building, and in some time the device will be unnecessary. Used equipment sales don't always go quickly and smoothly. Not surprisingly, more and more people are opting for the option of rental of a generator. Today, this type of service is offered by many companies, so it is worth looking around in the market. Renting a genset is a chance to use a device from a good company that you can't always afford to buy.

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