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Self-propelled mowers. When is it worth buying a garden tractor?

Self-propelled mowers. When is it worth buying a garden tractor?

Self-propelled mowers. When is it worth buying garden tractor?

One can argue whether the interest in lawn tractors comes from the fact that they are fun to drive, or from the fact that they actually make it easier to care for large lawns. Find out if a garden tractor is the equipment for you. See how to choose a top quality machine.

Walking around the grounds with a lawnmower is a pleasant, relaxing and, above all, useful activity, as long as the lawn area does not exceed 2,000 sqm. This is because then it becomes time-consuming and tiring, especially for the elderly. The larger the areas of luscious turf, the more advisable it is to replace the petrol mower with a four-wheel tractor. The cost of such machines starts at about PLN 7,000 and goes up to more than PLN 30,000.

Advantages of garden tractors

Convenience is the greatest asset of tractors. Comfortable seat, steering wheel, gear shifter. All that's missing is "air conditioning," airbags and a radio, although there are probably models in the U.S. equipped anyway. For user comfort, manufacturers equip self-propelled mowers with comfortable, leather-covered, height-adjustable seats.

Unmatched mowing speed also counts. This is made possible by an extra wide working body. With the use of interchangeable accessories, you will be able to take proper care of your lawn with the tractor, also making the tedious maintenance tasks easier for yourself. Tractor easily transforms into a mini-transporter, snowplow or sandblaster.

There's plenty to choose from

When doing a reconnaissance among garden tractors, pay attention to the type and power of the engine. Some have three-cylinder, two-cylinder engines, while others have single-cylinder engines. The former are certainly more durable and have a longer life span and higher power output. Single-cylinder engines are weaker, but equipped mowers cost less. If you don't have a very large area to mow and won't be doing it very often - such an engine will prove sufficient. With a large plot of land that is not very level - the best will be a tractor with a three- or two-cylinder engine and four-wheel drive. Mowers develop "dizzying" speeds - between 7 and 20 km/h.

When you have to contend with a lawn of up to 10,000 sq. ft., stop with a machine with a 15 hp engine. Choose a more powerful engine when the plot is larger. Also remember that the more powerful it is, the better the tractor will handle hills. The most expensive models have engines up to 25 hp. The capacity of the fuel tank also sometimes varies. The bigger it is, the less often you will have to replenish your supply. 6 liters is enough for 2-3 mowings when the lawn is 2000-25000 sqm. You can buy a mower with a tank capacity of up to 40 liters.

The engine alone is not enough, after all, a self-propelled lawnmower is not a race car. So also get an idea of how efficient the equipment will be. This, in turn, depends on the width of mowing, which can range from 76 to 152 cm (in manual mowers - 40-50 cm). The number of knives also matters - the more there are, the better. Also ask your dealer about the mowing height range. The bigger it is, the easier it will be to match it to your specific needs. Mostly it is from 3 to 10 cm.

It should also be important to you what happens next with the grass. The mower is sometimes equipped with a basket into which the cut grass goes. It's a convenient addition. If no such bin is available, the grass will be tossed aside, where it will wait until you rake it up. What's different is if it is milled after mowing. Then the lawn will be sprinkled with its particles. They will serve as a valuable fertilizer. Long stalks left in large numbers on the lawn would cause it to turn yellow. Unfortunately, not all models of tractor mowers have the function of shredding grass, the so-called mulching system.

Modern tractors have a system for maintaining an even direction of travel. Thanks to the self-centering steering wheel, the mowed lanes with precision will not differ from those seen on football turf.

If you have a lot of trees or other obstacles on your plot, buy a self-propelled raider mower. It has a mowing module located not in the middle, but in the front. So it's easier to cut the grass around trunks, against walls, fences or walls. With the safety of users in mind, some tractor models have a system that automatically shuts off the engine when the seat is lowered. Front headlights will illuminate the way back to the garage in the evening.

The vehicle's maneuverability, quiet engine operation, richly equipped dashboard, height-adjustable steering wheel, power steering, sturdy construction, front bumper, hydraulic transmissions and ease of accessory replacement also counts.

Finally, it is worth reminding that the tractor you choose should have wheels with tread contoured so as not to damage the lawn.

What to connect to the tractor?

A garden tractor can easily be made into a garden harvester. It is necessary to buy a number of interchangeable accessories for this purpose. When the snow falls, attach a plow or rotary snow brush to the front to deal with drifts in the driveway. Completing the winter set will be a trailer with a sandblaster (sand can be replaced by salt). Using an ordinary trailer, you will transport fruit, bags of fertilizer, stones for a rockery or a... cut and raked grass from one end of the plot to the other.

There are also interesting attachments for garden work waiting in the stores - for example, scarifiers and aerators for so-called vertical mowing. They cut the top layer of the lawn, loosen and aerate it, destroying weeds in the process. A seeder, on the other hand, will allow you to spread grass seed quickly, conveniently and, importantly, evenly over a large area. A water-filled plastic roller, pulled by a tractor, will make a good dent in the soil, giving more of the seeds a chance to germinate.

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