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Everything you need to know about the robotic mower

If you're considering buying an automatic mower, you probably don't find regular, repetitive lawn mowing a relaxing activity. And you may be hesitant to buy a robot because you are not sure how reliable it is and how well it will do the job. So we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What kind of garden is the Hecht robotic mower suitable for? ?
The robot is certainly not suitable for every garden. If you have a dog that likes to dig in the garden, it is almost certain that the robot will get stuck in a trap set by your pet. The relatively small wheels of the robotic lawn mower are unable to overcome holes, ruts and other similar irregularities in the lawn. The automatic mower is designed to mow a regularly maintained lawn that is reasonably level. The problem can arise when an object is thrown on the lawn. Larger ones can be avoided, but a string dropped by children is not recognized by the robot and can get tangled in the grass or on the wheels. If you have children, you know that they can throw anything in the garden - from toys to clothes. There is nothing left to do but to go through the garden every evening and pick up everything, otherwise the robot may chop it up the next day and damage itself in the process.

Can a robot be dangerous for children?
The robot is equipped with a number of sensors designed to prevent damage to the robot, as well as possible injuries. Particularly dangerous are the blades rotating under the robot, but the robot is equipped with a position sensor and when it falls over, the blades immediately stop. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to leave children unsupervised in the garden where the robot mows the grass. In addition, each mower is equipped with a large safety button on top, with which it can be stopped immediately at any time.

How does the robot know where to mow?
The mowing area is determined by the cable to which the charging base sends a signal. Sensors on the mower ensure that the demarcation cable is not crossed and moves only within the defined area. If the robot leaves the defined area for any reason, the sensors will recognize that it is outside the loop formed by the cable and the robot will first try to return. If it is unable to find the path, it will stop and report an error on the display. It will behave similarly if the cable is interrupted. So there is no reason to worry about the mower leaving the defined area and taking a hike.

How the robot mows?
As we said, the robot moves within a defined space. If it encounters a cable, it turns around and continues mowing. During mowing, it changes its way of moving according to a set algorithm. For a while, it travels in straight lanes, then moves spirally in circles. The movement is optimized so that the robot does not miss any areas while mowing. If the robot detects a low battery while mowing, it will steer in a straight line until it hits the demarcation cable. It will then automatically return to the charging base by following the cable. How it moves can be seen in the animation:

Is it complicated to install the charging base and cable?
It is not. However, it is important to plan everything carefully beforehand. Charging base must be within reach of an electrical outlet. You can either lay the cable on the ground and secure it with pins, but it is safer to make a groove in the ground 2 - 5 cm deep and hide the cable underground. In this way, the risk of damage is minimized.

How large an area can the mower mow?
The size of the area is basically limited only by the capacity of the battery and the length of the cable marking the mowing area. HECHT robotic mowers are now available in a version that can mow up to 1,500 m2. In addition, the mower has the advantage of not having to mow the entire area on a single charge. If the battery runs out, it returns to the charging base, recharges and can continue working. However, it is not possible to increase the mowing area just by extending the cable. There are losses in the wire, and if the signal from the base is to travel through a longer wire, the cross-section of the wire must be increased proportionally to eliminate the losses.

How does the mower know when to mow?
The mower can be easily programmed by simply setting the hours and days of the week to mow. In this way, you can choose the hours when you will be least disturbed or when no one is home. However, wet grass is difficult to mow, the blades slip on the grass and the grass sticks under the undercarriage. So most robots are equipped with a rain sensor and when it rains, the mower stops working and returns to the charging base. However, on most mowers, the rain sensor can also be turned off.

How the mower is secured against theft?
The lawnmower "lives" outside in the garden for most of the season and can therefore be an attraction for thieves. That's why it's secured with a PIN code. It should be entered every time the mower is maneuvered. If a thief takes the lawnmower, it will be of no use to him, because without the code it cannot be started. This makes the lawnmower uninteresting to thieves.

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