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Note! Have you prepared your gardening equipment for winter ?

Note! Have you prepared your gardening equipment for winter ?

Even if you've taken good care of your lawn mower, saw and other gardening equipment throughout the season, if you haven't prepared it properly for winter and, most importantly, drained the fuel from the tank, you may have an unpleasant surprise in the spring.

We have already written several times about how biocomponents added to modern fuels damage engines. Nevertheless, we are revisiting this issue to remind you why it is so important to drain the fuel from garden equipment before a prolonged shutdown.

Bioalcohol contained in gasoline has the property of binding moisture. This creates a deposit that settles in the tank, carburetor and clogs fuel pathways . The subsequent transition of the carburetor is often problematic, and in many cases impossible. Often there is no choice but to replace the carburetor with a new one, which can be more expensive.

How to prepare gardening equipment for winter ?

In addition, bioalcohol has another very unpleasant property. Washes plasticizers very effectively. As a result, plastic tanks, fuel hoses , seals , plastic fuel filler caps, as well as plastic floats on some carburetors, can become brittle or disintegrate over time . Therefore, it has become a challenge for many manufacturers to find a suitable material that can permanently withstand bioalcohol without degradation.

For the same reason, some manufacturers recommend drain fuel, even if you will not use the machine even for a few days.

Old fuel in the lawnmower

Bioalcohol is a problem especially in power plants, which many use as a backup source for pellet boilers. They want to have the power plant on standby, so they are constantly refueling it. In this case, however, it pays to dig deeper into your pocket and feed the control unit with some premium fuel, such as Verva 100 or Evo 100+ , that do not have ethanol.

Now Natural 95 you fill up most often at most gas stations with the E 5 label, which means it contains 5% ethanol. However, the share is expected to increase to 10% by 2030., which could mean that E 10 fuel will begin to be available at some stations. It is already relatively common. It's probably not hard to understand what gasoline with even more ethanol will mean for gardening equipment.

There are only three solutions to this problem.

  1. Use more expensive premium fuels without ethanol
  2. Add appropriate additives to gasoline with ethanol
  3. Don't unnecessarily leave gasoline in the technology
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