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Necessary accessories for a backyard swimming pool

Necessary accessories for a backyard swimming pool

Although we haven't enjoyed much sunshine so far this year, the end of May is quite promising, and it is possible that soon the garden's pools will become the No.1 topic among lovers of outdoor relaxation. If you are planning to buy a new swimming pool this year, and you have no experience with it, you may find some basic advice useful.

If you are planning to build above-ground swimming pool, you are likely to entrust the entire project to a specialized company that will ensure comprehensive implementation of the entire project, including commissioning and basic maintenance training. However, if you opt for a much cheaper above-ground pool, for example, in one of our stores HECHT - gardening specialist, you will receive a solidly packaged pool and detailed instructions for its installation. However, it should be remembered that each pool above-ground needs proper leveling of the land on which it will stand, because even a slight slope of the pool would cause the water pressure to deform it in the direction of the slope, and over time the pool may be completely destroyed.

When buying a swimming pool, we often forget about the most necessary accessories that will help keep the water clean or make using the pool more enjoyable.

Filtration is a matter of course, without it, the water in the pool cannot be kept clean for long. Small filters cassette ones are only suitable for smaller pools. They have the advantage of low energy consumption, but are not able to purify water as effectively as the sand filtration. Foil pools are usually factory-equipped with the ability to connect filter hoses. However, if you have the opportunity to connect a skimmer to the pool, be sure to take advantage of it. The skimmer sucks surface water from the pool and removes floating debris such as leaves, insects, hair and others. These later sink and decompose, creating a breeding ground for algae growth, while they can release various substances into the water that irritate the skin.

Definitely can't do without a net to collect dirt. The vacuum cleaner can also be connected to a powerful sand filter, which can be used to extract dirt from the bottom of the pool. In this way, even fine deposits that cannot be caught by the mesh can be vacuumed up.

It is also impossible to keep water clean without the right chemicals. Even if you use chlorine in tablets, you will definitely need a float. Many people underestimate the pH value of water and only after long trials find out that chlorine tablets work properly only when the pH of the water is in the range of 7 - 7.4. Even at pH 7.5, the effectiveness of chlorine tablets is only 20%! In an effort to keep the water clean, inexperienced pool owners are increasing the chlorine content of the water, which will quickly be felt not only in their wallets when buying new products, but also on the smelly pool water and later on their skin. Therefore, it is definitely worth getting a pH and chlorine tester, and you can't do without pH plus and pH minus products, with the help of which you can raise or lower the pH value in the water.

Even such a small thing as a tub to rinse your feet before entering the pool will help keep the pool water clean.

If you are buying an above-ground pool with a fixed structure, don't forget the steps that will allow you to comfortably enter the pool. Without the steps, entering the pool would require some acrobatic skills, plus the risk of breaking the pool structure. If there are young children around the pool, consider purchasing safety steps to raise and secure the outside steps so that children themselves cannot enter the pool.

If you want to really enjoy swimming and extend the swimming season at the same time, connect a solar panel to heat the water between the filtration and the pool. Can raise water temperature by several degrees even on colder days. You won't have to wait a few days for the water to warm up at the beginning of the season, and you'll be swimming a few weeks longer in the fall.

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