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March is just around the corner. We have everything for a good start to the season!

March is just around the corner. We have everything for a good start to the season!

Garden lovers can't wait any longer. Just a few days from now March. Along with the first warm rays of the sun and the lengthening days. March is the month with the most work in the garden throughout the year. To work that brings joy - in the end, the garden will be beautiful, as if reborn, throughout the coming season.

We have everything you need for spring revitalization and perfect improvement of your garden: from garden tractors, mowers and chainsaws to small tools, such as a hand cultivator if you want to sow your first asters, violets or other annuals...

What other gardening helpers will you use in March, for example?

✔️ Aerator - guarantees that you will have in the garden all year round dense lawn, no bald spots, light green . In short, English. The aerator, using a set of blades, cuts through the top layer of soil and removes the top impermeable crust, composed of dirt and the remains of grass clippings, moss and weeds. This allows oxygen, heat, moisture and nutrients to penetrate the roots, thereby propagating new, healthy grass shoots.

✔️ Trimmer- does a lot more work in the garden than you can imagine! He also mows tall, overgrown grass. Can handle difficult terrain (e.g. steep slopes, ditches, around trees and bushes, etc.).), Cuts through thinnershrubs and trees, destroys mature weed stems....With the help of a mowing machine, you can simply "conjure up" a fabulously landscaped, beautiful place with your garden.

✔️ Cultivator - simply here so you don't have to work, is the perfect helper for heavy handed work. You will appreciate it twice this spring. Maybedig and loosen the soil(Its massive, sturdy knife system relentlessly rotates in the soil to a depth of 18 to 20 cm), and can alsomix fertilizers into the soil. But it can also carry heavier loads, such as heavy branches or waste.

✔️ Cordless jigsaw - thanks to it you can easily and quicklycut branches of fruit and ornamental trees at greater heights, for example, branches of apple or pear trees. The saw is quiet, ergonomic and extremely practical (not least because it has no power cables).

However, March in your garden doesn't have to be all about work but also to rest. At the end of the month, some evenings may be so warm that you can try, for example, the first barbecue of the year - everyone is sure to choose from a wide range of our garden barbecues .

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