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Lawn after winter - pre-spring care

Lawn after winter - pre-spring care

During the winter, it can feel as if all nature has been dormant under a layer of snow, and nothing is happening in our garden. However, with the onset of the thaw, we will find out that we were wrong. The first thing we are likely to observe will be the very poor condition of our beautiful lawn from last year. It could have been damaged by frost when freezing water tore the turf from the surface and caused it to wither away. What to do to bring your lawn to pre-winter condition?

The first thing we should do when the turf has become detached is to roll the lawn. They are made with a roller weighing about 100 kilograms, carefully pressing the grass to the ground to ensure that it has access to water.

The next and basic procedure to be performed is to raking i scarification. This must be done even before the growing season, which is usually at the end of March. It is best to rake crosswise, using a broom rake, which allows you to thoroughly remove dry stalks and dead plant debris that can cause disease. On the other hand, the scarification treatment consists of aerating the lawn by vertically incising the. For its implementation on smaller areas, a rake or shoes with metal spikes will suffice. On the larger ones you can use professional tools such as scarifiers, turf cutters and aerators.

The next step in achieving a beautiful lawn is fertilizing. At this stage, the most effective will be nitrogen fertilizer, thanks to which the grass will acquire beautiful colors. Be careful to spread the granules evenly over the entire surface. Otherwise, the turf will become patchy and its growth uneven. In addition to nitrogen fertilizers, we can also apply potassium and phosphorus fertilizers if we forgot to do so in the fall. It will be convenient to use a slow-acting agent. It is used only once a season and there is no need to use others.

When the lawn becomes very damaged it will be necessary to reseeding or filling in the missing pieces. In the first case, rake the empty space thoroughly, sprinkle with good soil or peat and add grass seed. There are special fertilizer and seed blends available in stores typically designed for lawn regeneration. The second solution is to take turf from other places, such as the edges of the lawn, which are hidden in the bushes. Sometimes it also happens that during the winter almost all the turf has been destroyed. Then the best result will be obtained by sowing all the grass from scratch.

However, intensive regeneration is only the beginning of the work on a beautiful lawn. In order to enjoy the luscious greenery, it should be nurtured all the time - mainly by watering and regular, but not too short mowing.

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