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January in the garden

January in the garden

The new year is here soon, az nim comes January. The beginning of a new year is traditionally associated with lively celebrations, which cannot be done without rattlesnakes. The noise they make can be a real pain for sensitive dog ears. New Year's dog celebrations should definitely not be held outside. Your canine friend keeps a good watch on your house throughout the year, so unusually on New Year's Eve, arrange for a temporary sleepover somewhere in the house or garage, where the sound of firecrackers and rattles doesn't reach as much.

In the first month of the new year, there is little work in the garden. Unless, of course, you count on occasional snow removal. The best thing is to have a cup of hot tea at home, but there are still a few things to do in the garden.

We must not forget evergreens, which require watering even in the winter months . When there is not enough snow or rain, there is nothing left to do but grab a watering can. It is ideal for watering before noon, when the temperature is above freezing, and the water will simply soak into the ground before frost sets in again in the evening.

We regularly check the wind for tarps, straw, hay, twigs or other materials to protect sensitive plants from frost . If more snow falls, we will carry it out of the greenhouse so that its weight does not damage it. Snow needs to be shaken off trees and shrubs , which may crack under its weight.

Remember to regularly check stored fruits and vegetables. Immediately remove pieces that show the slightest signs of mold or rot to prevent the spread of disease. Fruits are best stored in crates in a single layer, so you can easily detect mold-affected fruit in time and at the same time minimize the possibility of spreading mold. Similarly, it is beneficial to store potatoes in several boxes in lower layers. The worst idea is to leave the potatoes in the bag.

Throughout the winter, we also need to think about dog pets. Especially if your dog lives permanently outdoors, you need to realize that in winter it releases a lot more energy to stay warm. Therefore, it is necessary to have a proper increase its feed rations . During this period high quality dry granules, which does not freeze, is more suitable for feeding than ever before . An insulated shed that is not blown into is a matter of course. We must not forget the water bowl, but in the winter it can freeze quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to check it several times a day and change the water regularly.

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