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How to prepare your greenhouse for the new season step by step

How to prepare your greenhouse for the new season step by step

With the arrival of spring also comes a new season of greenhouse crops. If you are planning to grow more plants this year, it is important to prepare your greenhouse so that it is as ready as possible for the new season. In this article, we provide some useful tips on how to prepare your greenhouse for the new spring season.

Clean the greenhouse
Before you start preparing your greenhouse for the new season, it is essential to first clean it thoroughly. Remove any plant debris and leaves left over from the previous season and clean the windows of dust and dirt. If you need to clean the inside of the greenhouse, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water or a special greenhouse cleaner.

Conducting inspections
Before the new growing season begins, it's a good idea to check the condition of your greenhouse. Check that the windows are in order and that all parts of the greenhouse are firmly connected. If any parts are damaged, be sure to repair or replace them.

Soil preparation
Prepare the soil to make it as suitable for plants as possible. If you are growing plants in containers, you can use new soil and mix it well. If you have soil directly in the greenhouse, you can enrich it with fertilizer or compost, and a small electric or battery-powered cultivator will help you knead and mix it. Make sure the soil is loose and permeable so that plant roots can develop properly. Also remember that the soil in the greenhouse should be completely replaced at least once every 5 years to a depth of at least 15 cm.

Install an irrigation system
It is important to provide the plants in the greenhouse with sufficient water. If you don't have time to water regularly, an automatic watering system will do it for you. There are many different types of irrigation systems that can be used, but drip or trickle systems are best suited for greenhouses because they only water the soil under the plants, and therefore do not expose them to the temperature shock they would suffer if the leaves were sprayed with ice water in an overheated greenhouse. Also remember that plants in the greenhouse need more water than plants outside.

Sprinkler hoses
Watering hoses

Decide what you want to grow
Before you start the actual cultivation, it is worth considering what you want to grow this year. Decide what vegetables you want to grow and their requirements for soil, water and light. Consider how you will arrange the plants so that they do not shade each other. Also consider how fast the plants grow and how gradually you will harvest them. For example, you can easily plant lettuces between tomatoes because by the time the tomatoes grow, the lettuces will have been harvested.

With the greenhouse and planting plan in place, now is the time to start planting and watch the plants grow. It is important to remember that the greenhouse is actually an artificial atmosphere, so you need to be careful and consistent in caring for the plants. With good planning and greenhouse preparation, you may be able to grow healthy vegetables this year.

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