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HECHT robotic mowers - Automatic mowers

HECHT robotic mowers - Automatic mowers

Althoughautomated mowers areon the market for a long time, andthe cost of their acquisition is becoming more and more favorable, still have not won the trust of many garden owners. The reason may be doubts about the reliability of the robot or the question of how well it mows the lawn.

Some people understand regular lawn mowing with a classic mower as a form of relaxation, but if the weather provides the lawn with enough moisture and sunshine, relaxation can become a nightmare. Lawn sometimes overgrows after just a week, and we don't always want to drive around the garden with a lawnmower in the middle of the week after a day's work. However, when you neglect your lawn and let it overgrow, it is difficult to mow and the lawn itself suffers.

The main advantageautomated mowersis that it canmow the lawn several times a weekand work will not bore her. Thanks tolow noise levelcan start workingany time of day or night . Unless he goes to the bedroom of a nervous neighbor under an open window. When it rains, the mower postpones mowing. Automatically interrupts operation when the battery is discharged, reaches the charger and finishes operation after charging. Properly configuredautomated mower simply lives its own life in the gardenAll you have to do is place the charging station in the right place where it will "live" and define its workspace. It is limited by a thin cable connected to the charging station. Stretch the cable around the perimeter of the work area and secure it to the ground with pins. To make sure that the cable is not damaged or clogged, you can simply hide it underground. The mower won't pass it, it will always move only in this limited space and thanks to the cable it will always reliably hit the charging station. It takes about one afternoon to run the cable, but the robot will save you many hours of work for the rest of the year.

Since the lawn mower can mow the lawn several times a week, it will always mow only a fraction of the height of the lawn. Therefore, the lawn does not suffer as it does when mowed irregularly with a regular mower. At the same time, while mowing, the robotic mower creates a small mulch from the cut grass, which it places in the turf. In this way, valuable nutrients are returned to the soil as organic fertilizer.

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to compare a lawn cared for by a robot with a lawn mowed with a regular lawn mower will certainly confirm thatthe lawn mowed by the robotic mower is fresher, denser and grows better .


So you can laze around, pursue a hobby or family and still enjoy a perfect lawn.

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