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Guaranteed effective natural aphid remedy you will prepare in 5 minutes!

Guaranteed effective natural aphid remedy you will prepare in 5 minutes!

In the fight against aphids and other plant pests, gardeners often look for natural alternatives to chemical pesticides. There are many recommended natural remedies that promise to control aphids, but their effectiveness can be inconclusive. However, a natural remedy that deserves our attention is wood ash dissolved in water. In this article, we'll take a look at its potential to fight aphids and how to use it in the garden.

Looking for natural ways to get rid of aphids, gardeners often turn to various remedies such as herbs, oils or soap-based preparations. However, although some of these measures may have some effect, their effectiveness may not be sufficient to completely eliminate aphids in some cases.

One natural remedy that has really proven itself against aphids is ordinary wood ash. Just dissolve 100 g of wood ash in 2 liters of water and let the mixture brew overnight. Then strain the mixture through a cloth so that the ash particles do not clog the nozzle sprayer. Add a drop of biodetergent or other natural soap to increase spray adhesion to plants.

A few days after the first spray, you will notice that the number of aphids on the plant has significantly decreased. After repeated spraying, aphids disappear completely. However, it should be remembered that the wood ash solution is not effective in the long run, so it is necessary to repeat the spraying, especially after the rains.

The wood ash solution is not only an effective remedy against aphids, but is also characterized by its harmlessness to health. This property makes this natural product an ideal choice for treating vegetables and other crops that we then eat. It can be safely used on a variety of plants, including vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and others.

At the same time, always use only ash from clean wood that has not been varnished, treated with stain or otherwise chemically treated to prepare the solution. If you have a charcoal grill, you can safely use the ashes after grilling.

Another very effective solution is an infusion of hot peppers. Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which effectively kills and repels most pests, including aphids. However, if the dose is incorrect, it can also damage the plants themselves. Definitely should not be used during the flowering and fruiting period.

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