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Gloves for the garden - how to choose the best?

Gloves for the garden - how to choose the best?

Weeding beds, pruning shrubs and digging up flower beds with enthusiasm? If so, pay attention to taking care of your hands. Even during light work in the garden, they are exposed to painful cuts, abrasions and corns. There is only one way to protect them - and that is garden gloves. Learn how to choose the right model so that your hands don't suffer while taking care of the greens.

Ideal gloves for the garden, that is, which ones?

A gardener - hobbyist or professional - should have at least one pair of work gloves. In order to actually protect the hands, they must:

  • match matched - both women's and men's garden gloves and universal models are available on the market. They come in different sizes, so they are optimally suited to the length of the fingers and the shape of the hand;
  • be made made of materials that are durable but still allow freedom of movement - Only then will they provide full comfort when working in the soil, removing weeds by hand, planting seedlings.

Gloves for the garden are also created to perform specific activities in them. In some of them you should plant flowers, and in others you should work with heavy tools.

Garden gloves - types

You often trim ornamental shrubs, remove weeds from flower beds and grab a shovel? This means that one pair of garden gloves is not enough for you.

Garden work gloves for working in the ground

These are the most popular models - because of their use and the convenience they provide. These gloves for the garden are made to be able to accurately pull small weeds, transplant small plants and work with the smallest tools. Their inner surface is finished with a non-slip material, so they allow a firm grip on a shovel, hoe, rake or pick.

Garden gloves for working with heavy tools

If you use a spade to dig up flower beds, haul soil in a wheelbarrow, and frequently rake leaves, your hands are prone to painful abrasions and corns. Without the right garden gloves, don't move - during such work, models that are sewn from thick fabric will work well. At the same time, they provide freedom of movement and the ability to handle tools nimbly. To ensure the comfort of gardeners, their top is made of fabrics that provide ventilation to the skin.

Gloves for pruning ornamental shrubs

You grow roses or other shrubs with sharp thorns? Choose for yourself specially designed gloves, so that your hands and arms will be protected from punctures and scratches. These are quite expensive models made of thicker fabrics and with high cuffs. By putting them on, you protect both your hands and forearms.

Garden gloves are an important gadget in the arsenal of garden care accessories. They should accompany you when you dig beds, weed flower beds, rake leaves or use a spade. Make sure to choose a model that is comfortable, fits perfectly in the hand and is designed for light work or tending the garden with heavy equipment. This way your hands won't suffer, even if you handle the greens frequently and intensively.

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