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Garden tractors . Experience extraordinary quality

Garden tractors . Experience extraordinary quality

Garden tractor is one of the best suggestions for owners of large home gardens or owners of plots of land with large areas. CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC garden tractors are designed by Czech engineers and manufactured in the Czech Republic. The brand's garden tractors, as well as itsother products, are highly regarded by users for their quality - both by individuals who buy equipment CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC, to take care of your garden, as well as by companies that professionally take care of greenery on a daily basis. What distinguishes garden tractors CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC and why you should choose the products of this company? We invite you to read!

Garden tractor - for whom?

Garden tractors CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC are designed mainly for large companies that need to keep their plot in impeccable order, for companies taking care of urban greenery, and increasingly for private individuals who, having large plots of land, also want grass cutting to be an activity that is as convenient and efficient as possible. Without a doubt, lawn mowing garden tractors are comfortable for the operator, especially if they are designed and created by a good company. Most garden tractors are multifunctional machines that can be used in spring and summer to cut grass, and in winter, with the attachment of a plow, to clear snow from driveways, properties.

Garden tractors CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC - explore the brand's offering

In the offer of this company you will find equipment for lawn care, that is, lawn mowers of various types, including mowing robots and garden tractors, as well as equipment for the care of trees and shrubs, equipment from the water technology department, as well as a number of other products needed in the garden: rollers, snowblowers, generators, composters, soilers, garden grills and many, many more. These devices combine very high quality, attention to detail, thoughtful design and manufacture with the best and most durable components. All this makes the devices CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC are eagerly chosen by users around the world.

Garden Tractor CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC - one piece of equipment, multiple applications

Company CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC has a range of garden tractors in 3 classes: Riders, Comfort garden tractors and Premium garden tractors. All this so that every customer can find the right equipment for their needs: from a mowing width of 62 cm to 125 cm with a single or two-cylinder engine.

What characterizes garden tractors CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC ? Here are some features of these tractors that are often critical.

First, comfortable working. Tractors garden CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC are equipped with a comfortable footrest, provide plenty of space. As a result, the work is not tiring, even if it takes a long time.

Second, excellent traction. The tractors have wide tires, which translates into the ability to drive on very difficult terrain. Tires do not create ruts.

Third, the multifunction device. Garden tractors are used for mowing grass, but a large number of accessories allow them to be used for other purposes. Useful for clearing snow in winter. You can also attach a swath deflector, roller, mulching insert.

Fourth, large basket and easy adjustment. The basket is very roomy and the cutting height adjustment is easy to set. Thus, a very high level of comfort is ensured.

Fifth, reliable power. The tractors are equipped with really powerful engines that ensure efficient operation. They are rated as reliable engines.

Sixth, excellent quality aggregate with easy disassembly. The cutting unit was created with high-quality materials, which can be easily disassembled to perform service or check the condition of the drive belt.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the tractors CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC have Heavy Duty frames for rigidity and resilience, as well as a patented gear protection system, hydrostatic drive and easy access to controls.

In our offer you know garden tractors CEDRUS and OLEO-MAC together with the necessary accessories. On our part, we offer professional advice and assistance in choosing the most suitable model.

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