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Efficient irrigation and water saving in the garden: practical tips and tricks

Efficient irrigation and water saving in the garden: practical tips and tricks

Water conservation is an important topic that also affects our gardens. During the dry season, which we often experience in the summer months, it is necessary to find ways to use water efficiently and minimize unnecessary water waste. In this article we will focus on some practical tips on how to save water in the garden.


The first important step is to adapt lawn care to the prevailing conditions. In case of prolonged drought, it is not necessary to mow the lawn too often. On the contrary, when mowing, the mower should be set to cut the grass as little as possible. Longer lawn provides shade and cools soil, which slows evaporation of moisture. In addition, a short-cut lawn dries out quickly and often dies in the hot summer sun, despite abundant and regular watering.

I often see sprawling gardens with a few fruit trees with perfectly trimmed lawns. The owner regularly comes out with a small garden tractor to be mowed. It costs him not only a lot of time, but also a lot of money for fuel. The soil under the trees dries out quickly in hot weather due to the short-cut lawn, which also affects the quality of yields on the trees. At the same time, there may be someone nearby who wants to cut and dry tall grass for hay slat or drum mower. Then it would be enough to mow only the most necessary paths in the garden, and let the rest bloom a beautiful meadow.


Condensing hoses are an effective way to irrigate. These special hoses have holes or microdots that allow gradual and precise watering of plants. Enable maximum use of water and minimize water loss. Drip hose is especially suitable for flower beds and vegetable beds. Simply place it around the plants and the water will be slowly and directly available to the roots.

Proper watering time is also an important aspect of water conservation. The garden is best watered early in the morning or evening, when the temperature is lower and evaporation is not as high as during the hottest times of the day. At the same time, in the morning and in the evening, the plants do not suffer as much shock from the rapid cooling with cold water. If possible, also use rainwater instead of drinking water.

In addition, capturing and using rainwater is an ecological and sustainable way to significantly reduce potable water consumption in the garden. Installing a rainwater tank is an easy way to get enough water for irrigation.

In addition to the aforementioned tips, it is also important to regularly check irrigation systems and repair any leaks or leaks. Don't let water leak unnecessarily through leaking hose connections, replacing the gasket is a matter of a few zlotys. Small leaks can cause significant water loss, so it is important to keep the system in good condition.

Using proper irrigation techniques, proper lawn care and rainwater harvesting are important factors that will help you save water. Since the climate is changing, it is important to take into account that, especially in the summer months, rain may not fall for several weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to start solving the problem on time and use every drop of water effectively.

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