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Don't wait until winter arrives ! Time for HECHT Snowblowers

Don't wait until winter arrives ! Time for HECHT Snowblowers

With a long-term weather forecast weeks in advance, you probably can't rely on meteorologists. Some may believe in pranostics, while others predict winter based on how nature itself is preparing for it. Not being caught by the harsh winter can be crucial to the survival of some animals.

Fortunately, for most people, the unexpected amount of snow is just an inconvenience they have to deal with somehow. If you don't live in a place where foxes get a good night's sleep, and the road in front of your house is regularly rolled by you, hand-guided snow from the front door to the gate can be seen as a morning warm-up from time to time. However, when it snows for many days in a row, the daily warm-up becomes more of a nightmare. It can be even worse if you have to travel longer accesses and commutes on a regular basis. This is where the right technique can help.

With a snowblower, the work is effortlessly several times faster than the tiresome manual shoveling and shoveling of snow with a shovel or rake. To clean a few square meters from the door to the gate and from the garage to the gate, it is usually not necessary to buy a powerful motor machine. Often you will only need single-stage snowblower , which can be electric or now even battery-powered . These cutters have the great advantage that they are not as noisy as motorized cutters and require only minimal maintenance. It usually copes well with a layer of snow up to 25 cm deep. However, the snow must not be trampled.

If you live in areas where snow is more regular than in the warm lowlands, you will probably reach for a two-stage motorized machine. Steel auger two-stage knife can even bite into hard snow with icicles. In addition, the two-stage knives are equipped with a carriage, so you do not have to push them. Well-equipped cutter models can have several forward and reverse speeds. The best-equipped models can also have an electric starter, headlight or heated grips.

In areas where larger snowy areas only need to be vacuumed from time to time, it might seem like a luxury to purchase a single-purpose snow engine, since the machine will be idle for most of the year. In such a case, it is definitely worth considering rotary brush , which can be quickly transformed into a snowblower. The brush can be used all year round for sweeping dirt, in autumn for sweeping fallen leaves, in addition, it can be equipped with a hopper into which swept waste and leaves will be collected. The brush will also do well with a small layer of snow or can be equipped with a rake for raking. If there is a lot of snow, in a while disconnect the brush from the machine and replace it with full-fledged two-stage snow blower. It can easily handle even a thick layer of compacted snow. And if you see fit, in a moment you will equip the machine with a brush, which you can easily will sweep away even the remnants of snow off the surface , what no chisel could.

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