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Don't be a slave to your garden!

Don't be a slave to your garden!

You'd be hard-pressed to find a modern garden without at least a small lawn. Only that lawn care requires a lot of work for most of the year. The most time-consuming is regular mowing.

Especially now, when the sun is not so strong yet and it rains quite often, the lawn grows literally before your eyes. You mow on Saturday, and three days later you can go out again with the mower into the lush grass. You often feel like the weather is playing tricks on you. You are at work all day, looking out the window at the sun, and as you approach home in the afternoon, out of nowhere a cloud appears and it starts to rain. So you put off mowing day after day. After a while, the grass is so overgrown that the mower collects it, and every now and then you have to empty the basket. The composter fills up and after a while you don't know what to do with the grass.

What if someone did this endless work for you?

Automatic mowers still have not gained the trust of many people. The first models that appeared on the market years ago were often unreliable and often could only mow a very limited area. However, this has long since ceased to be the case. Today, the modern mowing robot is able to cope with a lawn of more than 1500 m2. You would probably spend several hours mowing such an area with a conventional mower. Modern mowing robots are equipped with multiple sensors that keep them within the mowed area, but also ensure safe operation. Position sensors, for example, will shut down the mower immediately when they detect excessive tilt of the mower so that the blades cannot injure anyone. Rain sensor ensures the mower won't mow in the rain. And if there is any other reason to stop the mower immediately, there is a really big red button on the top that immediately shuts down the mower.

Because the robot can mow the lawn every day, for example, the lawn quickly thickens and gets rid of weeds. Most weeds do not last long with regular mowing. When the weeds grow a little, the mower cuts them off, and over time the weeds dry out enough to wither away. They don't have a chance to bloom and reproduce by seed.

The robotic mower produces no waste as it mulches the lawn. With regular mowing, it cuts only a few millimeters off the lawn. These pieces of grass quickly dry and mature, becoming a natural fertilizer for the lawn.

It should also be mentioned that regular lawn mowing is more beneficial than a large mower. The automatic mower is relatively slow, and its razor-sharp blades literally cut any grass perfectly straight by just a few millimeters. As a result, the lawn does not receive a shock when mowing. It does not dry out during mowing, and since it is mowed regularly, it does not suddenly expose the underside of the blade to sunlight, as in the case of irregular mowing. Such a sudden influx of UV radiation to the lower part of the leaves, which are not accustomed to light, is usually a shock to the lawn that you have to deal with for a long time.

How hard is it to run an automatic lawn mower?

It is not complicated, it just requires time. The area to be mowed should be marked out with a guide wire. It acts as an invisible fence through which the mower cannot pass. At the same time, the mower finds a charging station along the cable, where it charges itself. The cable can be secured with pins around the perimeter of the garden, but if you want to prevent damage, place it 1-2 cm below the ground. Just lightly drive a flat spade and make a groove in the lawn to hide the cable. This is done quite quickly. If there is a tree in the garden, for example, it is not necessary. The mower has shock sensors. When it hits a tree, it reverses, turns around and continues mowing in another direction. The mower is equipped with multiple sensors to ensure its movement, but also safe operation. For example, if the mower is lifted or tips over, the blades will stop immediately to prevent injury.

After stretching the cord and connecting the charging station, all you have to do is set the date and time on the mower and select the days and times you want it to mow. It can do this when you are not at home. You can also relax on the terrace with a good drink and watch the robot work for you.

Believe me, after the first mowing, you will be surprised how much better the robot mows than classic mowers. Maybe you will regret a little that you did not buy a robot earlier :)

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