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Cedrus started its business at the end of 1993, initially distributing petrol saws and their dedicated spare parts. Nowadays, the assortment is wide, one thing has remained constant - taking care of customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations. When considering the purchase of gardening tools, it is worth choosing Cedrus - the reviews on the tools are very encouraging. The range includes, among other things, petrol mowers, soil augers, lawn tractors, drills and many others. Hand in hand with a reasonable price goes a very high quality, which is confirmed by all the reviews of Cedrus tools.


Cedrus mowers are the first to be discussed - reviews portray the product as one of the best on the market. Most models have a specially designed grass collection system, which also affects the accuracy with which it is removed. With some mowers, there is the problem of leftover cut grass being left behind the vehicle. If it is wet, it sticks to the shoes and causes frustration. Such an obstacle does not exist in Cedrus mowers - reviews clearly indicate that the protection against such situations is the wide opening of the inlets.


The main function of the tiller is to loosen the soil and then level it from the desired level. In addition, it helps get rid of troublesome weeds and provides the soil with an air supply. Why you should bet on a Cedrus soil planter? Reviews found on the Internet can help you find the answer to this question. It is primarily about the quality of the knives installed, in the case of Cedrus brand equipment they are strong. The high quality of the device is also evidenced by the ability to adjust the entire width of the working system. When looking for the perfect equipment for field work, consider buying a Cedrus tiller - user reviews are virtually unanimous.


A model worthy of recommendation, for example, is the Cedrus Gl03Pro soil planter - reviews left on various comparison websites can help. The bottom line is that the equipment performs well even on so-called difficult terrains. Owners of this type of equipment unanimously confirm that there is no tugging of the soil. In addition, the Cedrus Gl03Pro in user reviews also agrees on the lightness of driving the tiller. Sometimes one pass may not be enough, but a second pass has the intended effect.


Petrol mowers have a very important function, as they are used to cut the excess grass, so that the garden is well-groomed. Among other things, the Cedrus KS53H mower deserves attention - reviews can be found on the web, are the best proof of the rightness of this choice. One of the undeniable advantages is the powerful motor and the sturdy steel housing. Users also appreciate the very comfortable handle to drive the mower, all maneuvers are easily performed. Cedrus KS53H reviews are mostly positive, not least because of its large basket, which has a fill indicator. This way, the need to dump the cut grass will not be overlooked.


Increasingly, it can be seen that property owners are opting for lawn mowers in the form of tractors. It is certainly more comfortable because the lawn is mowed in a sitting position. A good choice may be a Cedrus tractor - reviews of owners of this vehicle may convince the undecided. Depending on the area requiring mowing, equipment with the appropriate power is selected. Why choose a Cedrus tractor? User reviews also point to the advantage of being able to cut grass even in hard-to-reach areas.


Cedrus soilers have many advantages you should know about. Anyone looking for professional equipment for loosening soil on any acreage should consider buying equipment of the mentioned brand. Cedrus combustion soilers is easy to operate, in no way burdening the person driving. There is no need to push the machine, let alone pull, the forward and reverse gears are responsible for that.


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