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Basic garden care tool kit

Basic garden care tool kit

Every gardener whether expert or amateur - hobbyist should have his own set of basic tools so that the garden is always beautiful and well maintained. Garden, is not only a place where we will be happy to relax after work. Often it becomes our pride, which we boast about in front of guests. Keep in mind that regardless of its size and the number of plant species growing in it, we need to take care of it regularly.

We start taking care of the garden from early spring by raking the lawn, pruning trees and planting new species of plants. The tools we should buy will serve us for more than just one season of our work. For a very long time will probably serve tools that are light and ergonomic, made of durable material. When we are enthusiasts, then let's choose only the most important ones, but if we spend most of the day in the garden then we should choose a more complex set of tools.

It is important to pay attention to ensure that the garden equipment is not heavy and that it does not fit badly in the hand, so that working in the garden is pleasant and even relaxing for us. Convenient will be equipment with contoured handles, proper secateurs blades, or simply gears to make our work easier. Lightweight and comfortable tools are often made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide, carbon fiber and duralumin. These materials are much more durable and do not corrode.

Necessary tools and their basic use:

  • spade and shovel - digging through the ground, digging holes
  • rakes - raking leaves or cut grass, cleaning up trash, breaking up clods of earth
  • garden hose - watering, sprinkling
  • small shovels, claws- for planting and loosening soil
  • cordless shears,electric or diesel - hedge trimming
  • hand secateurs - pruning small trees, shrubs, shoots
  • petrol mower or electric - grass cutting
  • petrol scythe - for places that are difficult to access with mowers
  • baskets, wheelbarrows - removal, disposal
  • nets - pond cleaning
  • agrofiber or straw mats- protection of plants from frost and the effects of winter

The above tools will be needed to establish the garden and to maintain it. Keep in mind that the choice of tools depends primarily on its current or future size and what its purpose will be.

Full range of gardening equipment available at THIS PAGE.

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