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Garden Sprayers

Orchard Sprayers and Garden Sprayers are used to spray crop protection products and fertilizers. For spraying potted plants, choose a hand sprayer or a small pressure sprayer.Sprayers will help you protect your plants effectively. In our wide range of sprayers you will choose something for your needs.Sprayers are an essential tool for the gardener on the front line of the fight against various crop pests and diseases. For small areas, a hand-held sprayer is completely sufficient, but when it comes to larger acreages or amateur orchards, a power sprayers can be a good alternative. With larger spaces on the plot and in the orchard, it is useful to have a large pressure or combustion sprayer, that we can carry on our backs. When working, remember respiratory protection and necessary accessories to facilitate spraying.Convenient placement of the device on the operator's back combined with a capacious tank make this type of power sprayers worth considering purchase. Diesel backpack sprayers so they significantly facilitate the spraying of herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. In some models, it is also possible to use granular fertilizer, making it diesel multifunctional sprayer gardening accessory. If you are going to use the sprayer to protect taller trees, be sure to choose a model with an additional pump that allows you to feed the liquid upward. Remember to protect your respiratory tract, eyesight and hands when working with horticultural chemicals!we offer both diesel backpack sprayers (ideal for use in large gardens, plantations and orchards), as well as pressurized backpack sprayers and hand sprayers. In addition, we offer a wide range of basic, small hand sprayers ideal for small home gardens.You can choose from simple manual mechanical sprayers to those with a combustion engine, the volume ranges from 0.9 l to 24 l.

Sprayers for disinfection are power tools, that assist in the work of proper disinfection of rooms, tools, objects, clothing, footwear and even toys that may have been contaminated with hazardous substances and must be properly disinfected. The disinfection sprayer will be ideal for diluting in it, mixing and then applying disinfectants. Sprayer can also serve as a dispenser for disinfectant liquid, which can be used for chemical protection, as well as in the fight against various types of fungi, mites, and even viruses such as coronavirus, influenza, nCoV, sars, CoV2. On offer EWIMAX.EN in addition to disinfection sprayers you will find pressure sprayers, battery-powered sprayers, knapsack sprayers as well as power sprayers. Don't wait any longer to choose the right sprayer to suit your individual needs.


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