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Power generators and generators

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A momentary power outage means a loss for your farm or business? So you can't let customers flee or be dissatisfied. Generators will avoid such situations.

How to ensure a steady supply of electricity in a place to which the power company does not supply electricity? It is worth acquiring a generator set! This is an efficient diesel generator for home and non-home applications. A solution ideal for a plot of land or for camping. Quiet, small and affordable.

Modern generators are a cure for power failures and shortages. We offer single-phase and three-phase variants of small and large capacities Residents of buildings and houses where units with automation are connected to the power grid can feel safe and do not have to worry about grid failure. In the event of a power outage, the automation automatically turns on the unit, which automatically powers the consumers we care about most, such as the CO furnace controller, garage door, lighting, alarm system.In the event of a sudden power failure or on a plot of land where it is not supplied, a generator is an indispensable device. A generator powered by an internal combustion engine consumes fuel (gasoline, diesel or LPG), thus generating electricity. When choosing a GENERATOR generator, you should pay attention to whether the loads you want to power are single-phase or three-phase. Another issue is the power of the generator - it must be adapted to the power of the equipment that the genset is to power. During normal operation of the powered device, the load must not exceed 80% of the rated power of the power generator. It should also be remembered that some electrical appliances draw more current during start-up than during subsequent operation. Choose a generator and be self-sufficient during a power outage or on a camping trip.


A momentary power outage means a loss for your farm or business? So you can't let customers flee or be dissatisfied. Generators will avoid such situations.

Portable Generators Generators are lightweight and often with transport wheels and an ergonomic handle. Among portable generators, models equipped with inverter voltage stabilization are worth recommending - they generate high-quality current, which guarantees the safety of powered consumers (including electronic equipment). They are designed for use at home, in the garden, in the summer house and at the campsite. These generators are lightweight because they have a miniaturized alternator. Some models are also distinguished by very quiet operation - this is due to a special sound-absorbing housing and the use of modern silencers.An additional advantage of some units is the option to obtain more output power, that is, to power more consumers with them, thanks to the use of a cable for parallel connection of identical models.

Generators and emergency generators

For leisure, hobbies and power outages

Increasingly active leisure activities and a rise in extreme natural disasters are making independence from stationary energy sources increasingly important - including in the private sector. The solution is a power generator that uses an internal combustion engine to provide the electricity needed anywhere, anytime. It doesn't matter if you want to operate your computer in a remote location on vacation, or if you need electricity after a storm to pump out your basement or repair storm damage. Ideal for basic power at home during power outages.

In our ewimax we have the right power generator for every application, such as for camping and caravans, for crafts and agriculture, for construction sites, as well as for gardens and hobbyists.

Generators make it possible to generate electricity in situations where access to electricity is limited or not possible. These devices are perfect for construction sites and industrial plants, for example ? that is, those places that do not have access to a permanent power source. We also offer portable units with less power, which are used for camping and camping trips.

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