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Inverter generators

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These devices are ideal for powering electronic devices sensitive to voltage fluctuations. The inverter has a flat sine wave.

Suitable for voltage-sensitive electronics. Thanks to the voltage stabilizer, it will maintain the voltage without much trouble. The device has a classic 230V outlet.

Inverter single-phase generator is a modern device that can be a stand-alone or additional power source. The generator will find use during a power outage in the household or office, in powering delicate electronic devices as well as power tools on construction sites or during road works, and wherever access to electricity is difficult.

The inverter genset generates current with virtually the same characteristics as the grid, making it suitable for use in conjunction with consumers such as computers, TVs and phone chargers.

Thanks to its sinusoidal voltage waveform, the IN3000E inverter is suitable for powering devices sensitive to voltage fluctuations. The unit is equipped with two 230V outlets and a 12V socket. The generator meets European, but also international quality and performance standards. The inverter genset is a quiet, high-powered generator equipped with an electric starter and automatic adjustment of engine speed depending on the load.

An inverter genset is a combination of an internal combustion engine, a self-excited synchronous generator and an electronic inverter (inverter) system that produces a virtually pure sine wave. An inverter genset is quieter and burns less fuel than a traditional genset, and the shape of the output voltage is virtually no different from the line voltage. Inverter generator Suitable for voltage-sensitive electronics.

Inverter generators are devices capable of independently generating power. They differ from their related models primarily in their portability and the technology used. Inverter units are characterized by their small size, reduced noise generation (which is sometimes a problem in such devices) and relatively low price. As a result, not only owners of smaller workshops decide to choose such a portable power source, but also many people who need it for private use.

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