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Mowers Automatic - Lawn Mowing Robots - Robot CEDRUS and WIPER

So that from now on the garden is associated only with pleasure. A smart solution that works in a completely autonomous way.
Lawn mowers type Robot is a new, intelligent and practical solution for garden care. The benefits of
the purchase of such a mower is evident: no more mowing the lawn, which from now on will always be perfectly trimmed, and no more disposal of the
cut grass (thanks to the cutting technology, based on a double blade, the grass is perfectly shredded and distributed over the
land in the form of natural manure). Grass robots work in a completely automatic way: once installed, they do not require any additional intervention. When it is necessary to recharge them, they return automatically to the base. Energy consumption is very low and CO2 emissions are close to zero. In addition, they do not make noise and do not disturb neighbors.
Automatic mowers CEDRUS and WIPER - latest generation mowing robots

Automated mowers save hours of tedious work. At set intervals, the mower regularly sets out to mow the lawn, returning to the loader where it replenishes itself. It is quiet, moves only in a limited space. She has no problem mowing several times a week, and can postpone mowing herself if it rains, for example.

This ensures that the lawn never becomes overgrown and does not experience shocks while mowing. Small cut pieces act as lawn mulch and fertilizer. Lawn grows better, thickens and does not dry out as much as when mowing with a conventional rotary mower.

Automatic mowers CEDRUS and WIPER are the quietest running lawn mowing equipment in the garden. Maintenance-free lawn mowing robot is a comfortable and precise equipment, coping with lawn mowing in any terrain without effort and the need to correct inaccurately mowed areas. The intelligent robotic mower requires no prior programming, automatically returns to the charging station after mowing, has adjustable grass cutting height at different levels, automatic battery charging, and rain, slope, bump and lift sensors. Brushless motor ensures longer life of the device, so it can serve us for years, and maintenance-free power supply system ensures trouble-free operation.

You have a large garden, but not necessarily the right amount of time to take care of it? Automatic mowers will come to your aid. With these devices, you will gain valuable time to spend with your family. The mowing robot will take excellent care of your garden and keep your lawn in perfect condition. An additional advantage of these devices is that they are quiet and trouble-free. They are resistant to various weather conditions, so they they can work in the rain and, of course, when it is bright and sunny.

Automatic mowers self-care lawn care is still a novelty on the Polish market of gardening equipment, but is quickly gaining popularity due to its versatility, ease of use and increasingly affordable price. A machine that can trim a lawn without human intervention, avoiding obstacles, respecting set boundaries of operation, reacting to rain and detecting the moment when it needs to go to an automatic charging station has until recently only been featured on the pages of science-fiction novels. Today, on the other hand, it is available at your fingertips... wielding a smartphone, which, through an app, can control it and change settings.

The mowing robot operates in a designated work area, bounded by a signal wire plugged into the docking base, which is an impregnable boundary for it. The mower is usually equipped with a crash sensor (which protects it from hitting, for example, a tree), as well as a tilt controller, rain detector or motion sensor.

The mowing robots are very tenacious workers - they can work for several hours at a time day after day, and rest while charging quickly. Some models are equipped with a mulching system (full shredding of grass clippings, which becomes fertilizer).

Lawnmowers that will work in any garden

In our offer you will find devices that are suitable for large and small areas. Our automatic mowers are equipped with undercarriages that can withstand uneven terrain and various weather conditions thanks to proper reinforcement. In our store you will find equipment with which you can mow the terrain up to 5000 m2. Intuitive menus will allow you to program the robot to best suit your needs. The products available from us come with a warranty, as well as an anti-theft certificate. See for yourself what you can find in our offer and choose the perfect mower for you.



Mowing robots are modern devices that relieve garden and landscaping owners of the tedious work of mowing lawns. Nowadays, more and more people are betting on solutions that will save them time and money. That's why robotic mowers are growing in popularity. In our ewimax online store we offer a wide range of mowing robots of various manufacturers and models.

In our category of mowing robots you will find many interesting proposals that are sure to meet the expectations of both individual and corporate customers. We offer both models for home use and professional robotic mowers that will work well for large green areas.

You will find mowing robots from many reputable manufacturers, including Wiper, Cedrus and many others. Each of these manufacturers offers high-quality equipment that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. We have mowing robots of different sizes and power, which will allow us to tailor the offer to the needs of each customer.

We also offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts for mowing robots, which allows them to be repaired easily and cheaply. Among other things available are mowing blades, batteries, cables, charging stations and much more. As a result, our customers can count on comprehensive service and fast repair of their equipment.

Take a look at our offer on and select the best mowing robot model for you.

Robotic mowers - Automatic mowers CEDRUS and WIPER

CEDRUS is a well-known and respected brand that produces high-quality robotic mowers. Models in the series M and L are among the most popular on the market. In the category of robotic mowers , you will find a wide range of models that are tailored to different user requirements.

One of the most popular models in the L series is the CEDRUS L16. This mowing robot is equipped with innovative technologies such as GPS navigation, which enables it to pinpoint its location and plan its mowing route. CEDRUS L16 is also equipped with Connect technology, which means it can be controlled remotely using an app on a smartphone. This model is ideal for larger mowing areas, as it can handle up to 1,600 square meters of space.

Another popular model is CEDRUS L20. This mowing robot is similar to CEDRUS L16 , but with a longer range and greater efficiency. This model can mow up to 2,000 square meters of area and is equipped with the same GPS navigation and Connect technology, allowing remote control via a smartphone app. CEDRUS L20 is also equipped with technology that allows you to remotely manage mowing via your home router.

In the robotic mowing category you will also find models dedicated to smaller areas, such as CEDRUS M5 and CEDRUS M10 These models are equipped with simpler technology, but still provide high quality mowing.

No matter which model you choose, robotic mowers CEDRUS is an innovative solution that saves time and effort while keeping your lawn in perfect condition.

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