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Combustion and electric soil tillers and cultivators

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Cultivator, often referred to as a soil cultivator, is an efficient helper that will save a ton of work for all gardeners and growers tilling the soil. In essence, it is a device whose rapidly rotating knife system bites into the soil to a depth of 18 to 20 cm. This practice allows air to get into the soil while mixing it with compost or fertilizer.

Anyone who has ever tilled the soil by hand will appreciate the capabilities of this device. The soil tiller is used all year round. In the spring you will use it to prepare the soil for cultivation. In autumn, it will help you to fertilize compost or manure for the winter period. Selected tiller models can be supplemented with a set of accessories such as plows, radles, potato diggers, paddle wheels, auxiliary wheels, or convert the unit into a single-axle towing unit.

When choosing a tiller, we should first of all take into account the assumed cultivated area and the condition of the soil. For working small areas with good access to the mains, a smaller electric soil tiller will be ideal. The disadvantage is its wiring, is compensated by its very easy use, and virtually zero need for maintenance. On the other hand, soilers equipped with internal combustion engines, as a rule, are more efficient, and can work in more remote cultivation areas where the electric grid is not available, moreover, some models offer the the possibility of expanding them with additional accessories.

Electric soil conditioner is very easy to use. On the other hand, soilers with internal combustion engine are more efficient and can be used over large areas.

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