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Garden Tractors and Tractors - Self-propelled mowers OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS , HECHT , SIMPLICITY , FERRIS

Garden Tractors OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS , HECHT , SIMPLICITY , FERRIS it's Lawn mowers - Lawn tractors OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS , HECHT , SIMPLICITY , FERRIS are ideal for large gardens, parks and public green spaces. Powerful and maneuverable, they have a reduced turning radius to make maneuvering near plants and shrubs easier. Available with mechanical or hydrostatic transmission, allowing you to control travel and speed with just one pedal. Side or rear ejection, grass collection function. In some models of garden tractors OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS , HECHT , SIMPLICITY , FERRIS with a simple to install kit, you can get the shredding function. Then the grass clippings remain inside the cutting device, where they are cut several times into fine particles, which are then spread on the lawn to, as a natural fertilizer, provide valuable nutrients for the lawn. Garden Tractors OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS , HECHT , SIMPLICITY , FERRIS are devices that are ideal for large gardens and parks, as well as public green spaces. Lawn mowers -Tractors for grass OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS , HECHT , SIMPLICITY , FERRIS are not only characterized by excellent maneuverability and high power, but also a reduced turning radius that allows easy maneuvering near plants and shrubs. In EWIMAX online you will find lawnmowers tractors OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS , HECHT , SIMPLICITY , FERRIS with mechanical or hydrostatic transmission allowing you to control the garden tractor with just one pedal. Here we find oLEO-MAC HECHT lawn tractors and Simplicity USA with side or rear ejection and models with a capacious grass catcher. Some tractors have the ability to mount grass mulching kit, which, when ground into fine particles, will provide a natural fertilizer for a freshly mowed lawn. Professional lawnmowers tractors OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS , HECHT , SIMPLICITY , FERRIS for small, medium and large areas only at EWIMAX.EN

Tractor mowers CEDRUS , OLEO-MAC , HECHT

Self-propelled lawn tractors with a reduced turning radius are equipment dedicated to professional applications, designed for the care of large green areas - gardens, parks, grass fields, lawns and many others. In the offer of Ewimax you will find high quality equipment from brands such as Hecht, Oleo-Mac or Cedrus. Read the full list of available devices and their detailed technical specifications. Garden tractors CEDRUS , Oleo-mac , Hecht, are the perfect solution for large spaces. Modern technology and functionality make it possible to professionally take care of very extensive lawns in the shortest possible period of time. The precision of Cedrus garden tractors will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Modern lawn tractors - for business and home

Mowing large areas requires the use of equipment characterized by increased efficiency of operation, convenient in use, guaranteeing comfort and safety of work. Such equipment is presented here self-propelled lawn tractors with torsion axle, in versions with mechanical or hydrostatic transmission, side or rear ejection and mowed grass collection function. These are professional but affordable gardening tools for commercial or private use, providing the ability to maneuver freely between trees and shrubs, which can also be retrofitted with a grass shredding kit if needed - shredded grass does not need to be raked. Will serve as a natural fertilizer, fertilizing the lawn.

If you are looking for a modern tool for mowing large lawns, playing fields or parks, the presented lawn tractors will be a hit. It is self-propelled equipment, powered by modern internal combustion engines, equipped with comfortable seats, with a torsion axle that allows easy evasion of obstacles, which increases the speed of mowing. Take a look at the available tractor models and order one or more of them!

A tractor is not a rider, or about a common mistake

Tractor mower is very often confused with other ride-on mowers. This is especially true for riders. From the outside, they look quite similar, that is, they have four wheels and a seat to sit on. However, the differences are in their design, especially the location of the blades. Well, in riders the blade system is placed in front of the machine. Lawn mowing tractor however, it has blades located underneath the device. However, the distinction is not necessarily so simple, as it often depends on the manufacturers.

Tractor has more functionality and a more extensive set of accessories. This, in turn, leads to equipment being used not only for mowing grass, but also to help with other garden tasks. Deciding on this type of ride-on mower, you can, by the way, gain other devices that make it easier to take care of your garden.

Tractor mower is certainly not one of the cheapest mowing devices. However, it provides the best solution for large lawns, as it saves a lot of time. It combines the convenience of internal combustion models with the comfort of not having to put your own efforts into mowing.

Are you looking for a device that is not tiring to use? Choose garden tractor. In our assortment you will find models with comfortable seats that will ensure your comfort even on a huge property.

A large lawn doesn't have to be a challenge

Tractor is an equipment with which you can quickly and conveniently mow the lawn even on very large areas. You will find it useful both for your home garden of larger dimensions, as well as for the allotment and green areas, intended for public use, such as parks or playing fields.

Tractor mower will definitely make it easier for you to take care of the turf and make an activity that until now required a lot of effort much more pleasant. With a regular petrol mower, mowing turf on a large plot of land would be very tiring. Lawn tractor is especially recommended if the area of the lawn is more than 1000 m2.

In the chain of DIY stores Castorama you will find various models of tractors, which will allow you to choose the one that suits your requirements. Among them stand out copies that have produced trusted and experienced brands such as MTD and Mountfield.

The tractors are equipped with comfortable seats, shock absorbers, ergonomic steering wheels and large wheels, making them very comfortable to drive, even during long hours of work. Lawn tractor it also has gears that will allow you to control the speed of mowing, which will greatly improve the act of cutting the lawn.

Tractor mower is primarily used for mowing grass, but you can also use it for other tasks. It all depends on the add-ons you can attach to the machine. Tractor works well for aerating and scarifying turf. These treatments give the grass a chance to root better. Aeration leads to better grass growth. Garden tractor will allow you to carry out this work - just connect the aerator and scarifier to it.

Tractor will also come in handy during cleaning work. Some models of mowers are equipped with baskets for mowed grass. You can additionally equip the machine with a grinding insert. Don't have time to clean up grass residue? Decide on a scarifier, which is a rake that makes it easier to remove all the debris after shortening the turf. Lawn mowing tractor can be useful to you also in winter - just match it with a snow bulldozer.

The engine is the heart of every tractor

Tractor mower offers tremendous opportunities...or causes tremendous problems. What will prevail is mainly determined by the engine used in these devices. It is the heart that controls the entire machine. It determines its power, characteristics, as well as many other aspects of the tractor's performance.

Current engines are much better than they were just a few years ago. They are distinguished by the design of the valve mechanism. Modern engines are equipped with valves arranged in a V-shape. This makes the heart of the machine lighter, so the engine burns less fuel and generates much less noise during operation.

If you're looking for even greater savings, choose models with engines with valves arranged in a V-shape and controlled directly, rather than by camshaft timing in the head. As a result, noise levels are extremely low, combustion is very low, and emissions are much lower than with other engines.

Tractors differ from each other by engine. However, you don't have to immediately reach for the most powerful machine. Just make it fit the size of your garden and terrain. A property of up to 20 acres requires a tractor with a 5-8 kW engine. Larger areas already require adequately more engine power.

Other important aspects of the garden tractor

Power and engine are not all you should consider. When you choose a lawn mowing tractor, be sure to check the cutting width. These models offer a width of up to 100 centimeters. This works well in large open spaces. Mowing goes much faster as long as tractor does not constantly face obstacles in the form of plants planted in the garden.

Flat plot of land is ideal space for tractor work. Then all you need is a small turning radius. However, uneven and varied terrains already require more steering, as well as four-wheel drive. For this reason, it is so important to match the tractor to the plot you have.

Also important is what happens to the cut grass. Tractors are available in two options: with a basket or with side discharge. In the second case, the grass is simply ejected from the side of the machine. It then requires raking and discarding. On the other hand, tractors with a basket collect the cut grass in a container of various capacities (up to 300 liters).

This allows continuous operation without many interruptions for emptying the garbage can. The accumulation of grass clippings in a special container is a big time saver - you don't have to waste it on raking. Grass mulching is also a useful feature. Thanks to shredding, it can be used as an all-natural fertilizer for the garden.

When you choose a lawn mowing tractor, pay attention to whether it has a lighting function. In our offer you will find models with intense spotlights that will allow you to work safely in the evening.

Before you buy, also check how many degrees of mowing height adjustment the product offers and what height of turf you can get. If you want to choose garden tractor equipped with a basket, check the capacity of the grass container. It will determine whether frequent interruptions will be necessary.

Accessories - how to increase the functionality of the tractor?

Accessories are a huge advantage of garden tractors. They determine its functionality. With accessories, you can use the machine to shovel snow, rake leaves, as well as many other garden tasks. So look for a model for which you can easily buy accessories useful for other tasks in your garden.

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