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Snow shovels, Scrapers , Scrapers

Fresh snow has attacked and the road needs to be cleared quickly and easily? No problem! With the help of our shovels and snow scrapers, everything will be done in a moment without much effort. We offer only products made of high quality materials - in our offer you can choose products made of steel or ultralight aluminum. For clearing snow from larger areas, we have shovels with wheels that are convenient to use to make working with snow easier.

If you need to get rid of ice at higher frosts, our ice scraper will certainly come in handy. Equipped with a long handle will make it possible to reach wherever it is needed. A great addition to the job are non-slip shoes that protect against slipping on icy surfaces when pushing and scraping snow.

A shovel and a snow scraper are essential tools for dealing with the powder that lingers on sidewalks and driveways. Shovels are lighter and handier, but collect less snow than scrapers. It is important to match the tool to the work to be done - if you have a flat vehicle to clear snow, let's choose a scraper on wheels, if it is a narrow path, let's choose a snow shovel. For drivers, a shovel or folding shovel that can easily fit in the trunk will be ideal.

Snow shovels

Winter is a time when falling snow often makes it difficult for us to leave the house or get to the street. Unfortunately, winter often surprises not only the road workers, but also ordinary residents who, trying to get out of their property, get bogged down in snow up to their waist. Fortunately snow shovel will help us dig out and clear snow from the path to the gate or the driveway for the car.

In our store you will find high quality snow shovels, snow plows, shovels for spreading salt and sand whether ice beaters. Depending on what you need, there are models made of different materials - both smaller ac and larger for clearing snow from larger areas.

Snow shovel made of plastic or metal?

You've probably noticed that our store offers both aluminum snow shovels, as well as those made of plastic. Although most people choose plastic shovels because of the price, you have to take into account that they are less durable than aluminum ones and can unfortunately break. Aluminum is lightweight, so you don't have to worry about the shovel being too heavy. However, be sure to choose a shovel that also has an aluminum stick for weight reasons, as a wooden one will be much heavier. For example, aluminum fiskars snow shovel will allow us to shovel snow quickly, without causing too much fatigue and back pain.

How to choose a snow shovel?

It would seem that the choice of snow shovels is simple. However, it all depends on what surfaces you will use it for, and whether you will be clearing snow alone or, for example, with another person.

As we have already mentioned, the weight of the tool is important. Heavy snow shovel is simply inconvenient, and working with it after time becomes a torture. Therefore, bet on a shovel made of aluminum or plastic and a stick made of aluminum.

The second issue is the working width of the shovel. It should be large enough to scrape a fairly large amount of snow, but at the same time not too large so that lifting the shovel with snow is effortless. Standard shovels are approximately. 35-40 cm. However, in our store you will also get manual snow plow, whose width ranges from 70 to over 80 cm. Such a plow can be operated by up to two people. Shovels with larger widths will work well for clearing snow from a large area, such as a parking lot.

Another thing to pay attention to is the finish of the bucket. Mostly snow shovels have an aluminum edge, which makes it easier to shovel snow on flat terrain, protects the shovel from damage and additionally works as a ice knocker. Remember, however, that metal edges can make noise, so when shoveling snow from concrete surfaces, you can use a shovel with a rubber edge.

Also available in our market is snow shovel for car, ice breaker and spill bucket. The sand or salt shovel is frostproof and allows for accurate dispensing of spilled materials.

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