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Electric scooters for kids

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Once powered solely by leg power. Now available in a more comfortable version that doesn't require as much force, while still allowing you to move at a much higher speed. Scooters, as they are referred to, are the latest trend that is gaining popularity especially among city dwellers.

Electric scooter may not only be source of entertainment , but also ecological means of transport . It will save you a lot of time and energy when commuting to school or work.
Scooter means no more problems with paid parking and fines. You can leave your car on the outskirts of the city. You can put the scooter in the trunk of a car, bus, streetcar or subway. Move quickly in the city center, you won't wait in columns. At work or school, you can easily fold the scooter and hide it under your desk in the office or in a locker in the locker room.

Electric scooters is the latest trend among scooters. In shape they are similar to classic models, but their functionality differs significantly. They are equipped with a motor (electric drive), a battery and a "gas" that regulates speed.

Scooters have been experiencing a renaissance in popularity in recent years. In the 1990s. They were an indispensable gadget of children, today they are appreciated by all age groups.

Electric scooters - chic and eco-friendly

Popularity electric scooters is primarily the result of increased environmental awareness. Not wanting to contribute to even more pollution of the Earth, many people are opting for green vehicles. Why else should you choose an electric scooter? This vehicle allows you to stretch in a pleasant way after many hours of work and study. It is easy to use and requires no special skills. Allows you to immediately enjoy the rush of urban driving.

The immediate differences lie in several fundamental aspects:

  • engine power, which is usually between 250 and 600 watts , battery capacity and voltage,
  • battery capacity 4.4 to 18 Ah,
  • reach - Reported in minutes or kilometers,
  • top speed, 10 to 35 km/h,
  • carrying capacity (weight limit) - 100-200 kg, so adults can also enjoy riding an electric scooter.

Of course, there are other factors that may influence your choice, such as color, weight, type of wheels. or equipping the scooter with a gyroscope, preventing it from tipping over. All other relevant features can be found in the technical description of each product.

Electric scooters

In our store you will find the largest selection of electric scooters on the web. We have models designed for children i for adults. Among the manufacturers of these vehicles, we offer hECHT products. The Ewimax store's assortment includes vehicle models with small and large wheels, with or without a trunk and many other additional features. All our products are characterized by very high quality workmanship, which guarantees the safety of driving. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

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