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How to use a chainsaw ?
Energy prices are going through the roof, heating with wood seems to be one of the cheapest alternatives. Further savings can be achieved by preparing wood for heating yourself. Therefore, more and more people are reaching for a chainsaw, which will make cutting wood much faster and easier.
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How not to break a bone in winter

Do you also sometimes think that the winter weather has mocked us in recent years? One day it is cold as in Siberia, and the next day it is short. In the morning you are wondering what to wear so that you don't look silly in the afternoon, because during the day the temperature should change by 15°C.

Freezing rain can, in a matter of minutes, turn a dry path into an excellent yet very dangerous ice rink where it is safe to walk, perhaps only on skates or with climbing equipment. Is it possible in other ways?

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January in the garden
The new year is here soon, az nim comes January. The beginning of a new year is traditionally associated with lively celebrations, which cannot be done without rattlesnakes. The noise they make can be a real pain for sensitive dog ears. New Year's dog celebrations should definitely not be held outside. Your canine friend keeps a good watch on your house throughout the year, so unusually on New Year's Eve, arrange for a temporary sleepover somewhere in the house or garage, where the sound of firecrackers and rattles doesn't reach as much.
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Europe prepares for winter power outages

The current state of the electricity market is already affecting everyone. Electricity prices are rising, so we will have to dig much deeper into our pockets. And with Europe's shows, it could be even worse.

Although you probably don't need to paint the devil on the wall right away, it's always better to be prepared for the worst. At example w Austria in mid-November, they conducted the "Energy 21" exercise, which tested various scenarios for dealing with power outages . In Germany guidance on outages has been issued, specifically recommending the following initial supply of drinking water, food and warm blankets .

Although the energy situation in the Czech Republic remains stable, it is still good to be prepared. While overseas outages are expected mainly due to their absence due to the brash shutdown of non-environmental power plants prior to their replacement, we still encounter outages only due to planned short-term maintenance-related outages or in the event of icing. , when icing or falling trees break power lines.

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Note! Have you prepared your gardening equipment for winter ?

Even if you've taken good care of your lawn mower, saw and other gardening equipment throughout the season, if you haven't prepared it properly for winter and, most importantly, drained the fuel from the tank, you may have an unpleasant surprise in the spring.

We have already written several times about how biocomponents added to modern fuels damage engines. Nevertheless, we are revisiting this issue to remind you why it is so important to drain the fuel from garden equipment before a prolonged shutdown.

Bioalcohol contained in gasoline has the property of binding moisture. This creates a deposit that settles in the tank, carburetor and clogs fuel pathways . The subsequent transition of the carburetor is often problematic, and in many cases impossible. Often there is no choice but to replace the carburetor with a new one, which can be more expensive.

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How to Take Care of Your Battery and Batteries in Winter

Whether the batteries in the technology are used to power it or just to start the engine, especially in winter we must not neglect them, because in the spring we may have unpleasant surprises.

It is not only in gardening technology that various types of batteries are increasingly used. They can also be found in e-bikes, and are also used to power electric scooters or quads. Batteries power some electric mowers, saws and other tools. These are often more or less seasonal machines that you clean in the garage or throw over the winter and "pull" them out in the spring. However, if you forget to take proper care of the battery, it is more than likely that it will "die" during the winter.

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Energy prices are rising - How to save electricity ? we know how to save electricity ..
Probably everyone has noticed that in the coming months we will all have to reach into our pockets again, paying for energy. Suppliers make no secret of the fact that in the case of electricity the price increase will be several tens of percent, in the case of gas even hundreds of percent. Already we are seeing an increase in fuel prices. And while some experts predict that these prices will fall again over time, it would be foolish to think that they will even come close to their original values.
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TRAFFIC SHOVELS - which one to choose ?

CEDRUS KP01 and WEIBANG WBTR126H Chain Excavators

We offer professional chain excavators of the brand CEDRUS and WEIBANG , ready to carry out work in gardens, construction sites or around the property. They are primarily used for digging trenches for electrical installations and irrigation systems. Both models seen in our range have fashionable gasoline engines that allow you to excavate quickly yet efficiently.

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How to Prepare a Combustion Snowblower for the Winter Season ?
Winter is coming slowly but surely. We have certainly all carefully prepared our gardens for the change in temperatures, so this week we can prepare the snowblower - well in advance. After all, who knows - snowfall can surprise us overnight...
You should already have your snowblower cleaned, adjusted and generally ready since the end of last winter, but if you haven't had time to do so, it's essential to check and prepare your snowblower now.
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Tomorrow officially begins astronomical autumn. But the autumn aura has been with us for several days now. For those who have not prepared wood for heating already in the summer, it really is high time to start preparing your own wood for your stove or fireplace! Heating with your own wood not only saves money - compared to buying already prepared firewood, the prices of which continue to rise.
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Oleo-Mac GS 371 chainsaw
The Oleo-Mac GS 371 chainsaw is ideal for those who carry out backyard work on their own, such as limbing, cutting small-diameter logs and cutting wood for the fireplace.
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