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Don't wait until winter arrives ! Time for HECHT Snowblowers
With a long-term weather forecast weeks in advance, you probably can't rely on meteorologists. Some may believe in pranostics, while others predict winter based on how nature itself is preparing for it. Not being caught by the harsh winter can be crucial to the survival of some animals.
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Are you ready for autumn?
Autumn is the time when the garden needs to be prepared for the next season. We still have one last chance to aerate the lawn, trim hedges and shrubs, pick the last fruit, dig up and winterize flower beds. There is also some time to prepare firewood before the first frost arrives. In short, we have a lot of work to do, but which skilled helpers can make much faster and easier. But how to choose the right machine to suit our needs?
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Which HECHT branch shredder to choose ?

✅ Knife or roller?

At the outset, let's clarify that two types of machines are used today to shred branches from the garden: the shredder and the chipper. Although both machines perform a similar function and are commonly referred to by most users as shredders, each works a little differently.
Shredder is equipped with a rotating plate with one or more knives. The knives gradually cut off small parts of branches at high speed, which can be used both for mulching flower beds and also put to good use in compost, where they quickly decompose.

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Which Hecht scarifier to buy ?
If you want a healthy and dense lawn in the garden, you need to create the conditions for it. Regular mowing is required during the season, but the lawn also needs plenty of nutrients, moisture and air. The soil gradually subsides under the lawn throughout the year, and an impermeable crust forms on the surface that prevents moisture and air from reaching the roots.
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Which HECHT soil tiller to choose ?
The purpose of the Soil Tiller is to loosen the soil. Before you decide what kind to buy, you need to explain exactly what you expect from it.
Small cultivators rechargeable and electrical very well perform well in smaller, already established gardens. They are very easy to use, requiring only minimal maintenance. Depending on the model chosen, the working width usually varies from 20 to 40 cm. If you have several flowerbeds in your garden with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. For fun, an electric or rechargeable cultivator may be right for you. You can work very skillfully in a small flowerbed with a small cultivator. For example, if you harvest radishes from half the bed and carrots are just sprouting in the other half of the bed, soaking the first half of the bed with a small cultivator and preparing it for new sowing or planting is not a problem.
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Which HECHT wood splitter to choose ?
When choosing a HECHT splitter always decide what type, size or quantity of wood you are splitting. The type of wood determines its hardness. Coniferous trees have soft wood that splits easily, so they do not impose such requirements on splitting power. In contrast, hardwoods such as beech or oak or some fruit trees require more forces splitting. When choosing, you should also consider the length and diameter of the logs you split. Information on the maximum length and maximum diameter of the wood to be split is always given for splitters.
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Which HECHT chainsaw to choose ?
We expect the saw to serve a specific purpose. Most often it is preparing firewood, working in the garden to trim trees, or doing construction or workshop work.
If you are looking for a saw for pruning trees in the garden, a good choice might also be cordless saw . It's quiet, doesn't require a complicated startup, and you can do without power cables. The battery capacity is reliably sufficient for cutting branches even in larger orchards, the cordless saw can also be used in the workshop.
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It's time to prepare the garden for winter - choosing a rake

Evenings are getting longer, days are getting shorter, and the sun is losing its strength. We'll cut the grass a few more times and start raking fallen leaves in a few days.

Freshly fallen leaves will be much easier to clean up in the fall than after winter. In addition, various pests and diseases can overwinter well in the fallen leaves, which can wreak havoc on our garden next year.

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How to store gardening equipment in winter ?

The summer season is over again and it's time to get busy devices, who helped us in the garden all year long. Otherwise, we may have a problem getting them up and running again in the spring.

In recent years, battery technology has become increasingly common in our gardens. Its maintenance and operation is many times easier than technology with complex internal combustion engines. However, even battery-powered machines require some caution.

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