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Disadvantages of Lawn Mowers - the biggest faults

A petrol mower is a machine that requires proper care and maintenance. Surprisingly, many mower owners love their car and treat the mower like a piece of scrap metal. Not surprisingly, the mower will eventually run as scrap, and its small engine is usually much more sensitive to maintenance and adjustment than the powerful engine of a regular car.

To keep the mower running reliably for many years, avoid using the mower improperly, avoid hitting hard objects with the blades, and spend some time on the mower to do at least the necessary maintenance.

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HECHT Lawn Aerators

If you want to get a really exclusive look for your lawn, in addition to mowing, fertilizing and regularly removing unwanted weeds, you need to scarify and aerate.

What is the purpose of scarification?

A scarifier usually contains a rotating cylinder with several blades. The height of the roller is set so that the holes cut through the top layer of soil 3-5 mm thick. This removes residual grass clippings while destroying the top layer of soil, which can better absorb air, nutrients and moisture. In addition, of course, there are also grass clippings that force the grass to form new shoots. Grass thickens and rejuvenates. At the same time, dicotyledonous weeds are damaged in this way, which significantly reduces their growth and multiplication.

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HECHT : Everything for the home, garden and workshop
You may not know it - sometimes you need to buy something for your home or garden. For example, on the weekend, when everything is closed. We have a little tip for you - the stores of the Czech company HECHT, also known for their above-standard customer service and interesting advantages.

Open - almost continuously

Branded stores HECHT - specialists in the garden are at your disposal every day, including weekends from morning to evening, of course 8 am to 8 pm , of course, with the exception of statutory public holidays. So you can shop and quietly choose what you need from morning to evening - both on weekdays when you are away from work and on weekends.

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HECHT electric scooters

Commuting to work, the office and small shopping is difficult not only in heavy urban traffic, but also in rural areas in larger cities. Daily morning and afternoon traffic peaks have become almost commonplace. However, on a scooter, standing columns are easy to order, don't have to deal with parking problems and save significant money on fuel. And if you ride an electric scooter, the savings are even greater.

Electric scooter has no problem passing 100 km for less than PLN 1.7 , which is essentially the same as if it consumed about 1/4 liter of gasoline per 100 km. In addition, the operation of such a scooter isenvironmentally friendly , free of emissions and noise .

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Hecht Czech Republic novelty show
By Firme HECHT CZECHY was prepared demonstration in the warehouse in Sázava. Visitors had the opportunity to try out the latest HECHT products . Although the rainy weather was not very good, the event was attended by many interested people from the ranks of current and also potential future HECHT dealers
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HECHT reviews - HECHT products lead the way in independent tests in Germany
HECHT reviews - HECHT products lead the way in independent tests in Germany

No wonder that the Czech company HECHT exports its products to more than 30 countries, e.g. - Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Belgium or Algeria or Egypt and many others.It operates through subsidiaries in Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

The quality of HECHT products is also evidenced by an award in the most demanding market in the EU, Germany , where our products are regularly ranked among the leading ranking of the independent German company Heimwerker-test . We are not afraid of tests.

You can find this and other HECHT Products on our website

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How HECHT Advertising Was Made - The Shooting Background

Take a look behind the scenes of filmmaking HECHT - see photos from the commercial, its script and more ...

This place is different from all the films made so far. We haven't forgotten about you, so you can see photos of the filming below :-) We will also reveal the plot and some interesting facts.

... Silhouette of man in overalls enters darkened garage. Only rays of light reflect the red color, chassis, engine. Mysterious figure puts key in ignition. Exhaust shot.- The engine is accelerating. - The atmosphere is getting thicker and thicker. - Taking off !!! But not on a bicycle, as you might think ...

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HECHT snowblowers : Buy Ahead before the snow comes

Snowblowers or Rotary Ploughs are a great helper in the winter months and save a lot of work in unexpected snow.

If you want to find a snowblower , HECHT offers a wide range of products in its portfolio .

What kind of snowblower to choose exactly for your needs, how to navigate the range of snowblowers, single and two-stage blades, whether to choose a electric, rechargeable or diesel - you can read all about it in the current article on our blog .

Professionally trained specialists for. Sales are ready to answer any questions with any HECHT gardening specialist .

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