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Robotic Mowers Automatic Lawn Mowers CEDRUS C-MOW

Robotic Mowers Automatic Lawn Mowers CEDRUS C-MOW

How the mowing robot works?

A lawn robot can make regular lawn maintenance much easier. Robot mower has advanced sensors, so you can be sure that it will avoid obstacles in the yard and take care of the surface in the designated area.

How to choose a garden robot? What kind of mowing robot? Is a mowing robot a machine worth the investment? Whether to provide a garage for the mowing robot?

These and many other questions are the daily routine of a person interested in buying a robotic mower that resembles popular vacuuming robots in behavior.

After the first programming and the designation of the working area, the mowing robot independently mows the lawn, without human intervention or assistance. To answer the question mowing robot how it works, it should be stated that grass cutting robot has software somewhat similar to a cleaning robot. All you need to do is designate a mowing area, and the mowing robot with the help of sensors will mow only in the designated area. There are also robots mowing grass having software that makes them move autonomously around the property thanks to GPS positioning.

When it comes to garage for the mowing robot then in the models available in our range it is unnecessary, as the docking station acts not only as a place to recharge, but also as a shelter for the robot in rain or bad weather.

If you run a garden, you certainly know how much time and effort it takes to keep it clean and tidy. Among the various garden jobs, mowing the grass is one of the most time-consuming and tiring activities. That's why more and more people are starting to use robotic mowers, which allow automatic mowing of the lawn without manual labor.

How mowing robots work?

Mowing robots are small, self-propelled devices that use advanced technology such as GPS and sensors to navigate and mow the lawn. They are usually battery-powered and work by continuously cutting the grass, which is set at a certain height.

The mowing robots are programmed to detect obstacles and avoid them, as well as reach a docking station where they can recharge when they are finished working. All these functions are controlled by a central control unit, which is usually located inside the robot.

How to mow your lawn faster and more conveniently?

Mowing the lawn is a real ordeal for many of our customers. This is a task that requires dedication of sufficient time, as well as strength. Let's not hide - only for a few it is a form of relaxation in the garden, most treat mowing as a not very pleasant necessity. In addition, this reluctance may be influenced by the general lack of time we face on a daily basis, trying to prudently divide our time between work and family. A leisurely moment in the garden is sure to be more enjoyable with a family barbecue than mowing the lawn. No wonder we are constantly looking for more modern and effective solutions to avoid having to walk around the garden with a lawnmower to enjoy its aesthetic appearance. If you also belong to this group of people who would prefer to avoid cutting the grass in the garden, we have something special for you - automatic lawn mowers, or modern robots that cut the grass! Check out the details - you certainly won't regret it.

Mowing robots

Lawn mowing robots are also known as robotic mowers. As the name implies, mowing is automatic in their case, your task will be only to program the device. This will make mowing the lawn in your garden really convenient and truly maintenance-free, something that no other mowing device can provide. Restrain the lawn with a wire using hooks and install the wire to the docking station. The station should be connected to electricity. Once the mowing robot is programmed, it is possible to start work. On a single charge the device can work for about 60 minutes. When the battery runs out, the robot will go to the docking station on its own and resume work after charging. Automatic mowers are the perfect solution for small, private gardens. They are designed for mowing non-low grass, and do not have a basket to collect the cut grass. It will thus serve you as a natural fertilizer. We offer equipment from the renowned brand Grizzly, which is undoubtedly known to all lovers of gardening work. This is high-quality equipment that will certainly not disappoint you with its functionality. The device has 3 cutting blades, a working width of 180 mm and is suitable for a maximum area of 400 m2. Mowing robots are a safe, convenient and increasingly popular solution, being an ideal way to have a well-groomed garden for busy people, unable to find enough time to take care of it by themselves using traditional mowers. This high-tech device will be an effective solution for any home garden.

See the grass cutting robots available in our offer and learn about the advantages of this modern equipment. If mowing grass is not your favorite garden activity, the idea of buying this device will certainly interest you.

What are the advantages of robotic mowers?

Robotic mowers have many advantages over traditional grass cutting by hand or with an electric mower. Here are some of them:

  1. Saving time - Mowing robots enable automatic mowing of the lawn, saving a lot of time and energy that can be spent on other activities.
  2. Cost-effectiveness - Although the initial cost of buying a robotic mower is higher than that of a traditional mower, the robot proves cheaper in the long run because it does not require paying for fuel, oil or mechanical mowing.
  3. Ease of use - Mowing robots are very easy to use, as most have intuitive control panels and mobile apps are available for remote control.
  4. Security - The mowing robots are safe to use because they have many safety features, such as obstacle sensors that prevent collision with objects during operation.
  5. Accuracy - The mowing robots cut the grass very accurately, so the lawn always looks neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Which mowing robot for the garden?

In the garden machinery market mowing robots are gaining popularity. Many people planning to purchase ask themselves, which lawn mowing robot to choose, as the range is wide. Mowing robot price oscillates in the range of one thousand zlotys upwards. However, a mowing robot without a restraining cable is a bigger expense. Because lawn mowing robot price depends on the software and technology used.

Robot mowing grass will minimize garden work. Lawn mowing robot is also a significant relief for property owners. To know which robotic mower to choose, bEST READ ranking of robotic mowers, which will provide the necessary information about the machine, which is an automatic lawn mower. It is worth considering the size of the yard, its evenness and the obstacles present such as sidewalks, trees, shrubs or flower beds. Mowing robot 1500m2 will be best for a medium-sized garden. Grass cutting robots prices start at a thousand zlotys, but it is an investment that will pay off in the future, as the mowing robot grass replaces the gardener and eliminates the need to buy a mower.

A very interesting model mowing robot is available in our offer model CEDRUS M5 . It has been equipped with Wi-Fi control - so programming is done not only through a control panel built into the body, but also through an app available for iOS and Android smartphones, making use of the device even more convenient than before.

Robot mowing, and mulching

Mulching not only gets rid of the need to remove the swath from the mower tank, but at the same time is an excellent way to nourish the lawn. This feature, familiar from petrol or electric lawnmowers, has also been included in the cEDRUS mowing and mulching robots In addition, in the models of our mowing robots, mulching is constantly active, so we don't have to bother with turning this function on or off.

Thanks to the 20V power system cEDRUS mowing robot has a power reserve for grass cutting and shredding. Built-in 2.5Ah battery (model cEDRUS M5 mowing and mulching robot) or 5Ah (model CEDRUS L20) allows for long operation without recharging, and if the battery is low, the robot will return to the charging station by itself.

If you are looking for an equivalent cleaning robot for the garden then don't wait any longer and check out our offer of CEDRUS mowing robots.

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